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Bulgaria is a country in Southeastern Europe. Located in the eastern half of the Balkan Peninsula. It borders the Black Sea to the east, Greece and Turkey to the south, Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the west and Romania to the north , mostly along the Danube . The total length of the state border is 2245 km , 1181 km land, 686 km - river and 378 km - sea. The area of the territory of Bulgaria is 110,910 square kilometers. The currency is the Lev (BGN), time zone CET +1 According to the National Statistical Institute Bulgarias population in 2005 was 7.72 million people. This issue includes a large part of Bulgarian citizens living permanently abroad. Their number is estimated conservatively at about 700 000 people . According to the 2001 census , 83.9 percent of the population are Bulgarians , the two largest minorities are those of the Turks ( 9.4% ) and Roma ( 4.7% ).
The remaining 2% included several smaller minorities, including Armenians , Russians, Romanians, Ukrainians , Greeks and Jews. 84.8% of the population speak Bulgarian language and official . Population density of 70.3 e / sq. km.
Most Bulgarians are Orthodox ( 83.9% ) 12.1% profess Islam, Roman Catholics are 1.7% , 0.8% - Judaism and the remaining 1.6 percent made to Protestants and others.
Bulgaria today include ancient Moesia region and parts of Macedonia and Thrace regions .
Southwest of the country is mountainous , there is also the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula Moussala ( mountain Rila ) - 2925 m above sea level Mountain chain Stara Planina (or Balkan) extends from the mouth of Timok to Cape Emine, dividing Bulgaria to North and South parts. The Balkan Peninsula is named after this mountain .
In southeastern Bulgaria the relief is mountainous - hilly . There are mountains of Rodopi and Sakar .
Major rivers include the north and Struma and Maritsa in the south .
The climate is temperate continental ( from 2000 to 2400 hours of sunshine a year) with four seasons : cold and wet winters sometimes with snowfalls and an average temperature of 0 ° C, warm and often wet spring, hot , dry summers with average temperatures of 23 ° C warm and sunny autumn . The average annual temperature is 10,5 ° C.

Brief history of Bulgaria
Old Great Bulgaria, as called by Byzantine authors , was founded by Khan  Kubrat as military- tribal union of the Bulgarians and neighboring tribes after their liberation from the dominion of the Turks in 632. In 635 Khan Kubrat conclude peace treaty with the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius . Around and the Great Bulgaria is divided into three parts.

First Bulgarian Empire
This territory of Bulgaria has been inhabited since the earliest historical times - the Stone Age and the Copper - Stone Age. In the Bronze Age Thracians settled here , first mentioned by Homer . They engaged in farming and livestock and left evidence of high culture. In XI-VI century BC appear first Thracian state unions which is flourishing in VII-VI century BC. In I century BC their lands were conquered by Rome, a century of V are included in the territory of Eastern Roman Empire - Byzantium. Gradually, they settled on is rendered in the VI century on the Balkan Slavs.

Second Bulgarian Empire (1186-1393)
Ottoman rule (1396-1878)
New Bulgarian History (1878 -)
In August 1943 Tsar Boris III died and the regency of the young King the Soviet Union Army entered Bulgaria and on 9 September 1944 Bulgarian Communist Party came to power . Political parties outside the Fatherland Front were banned , the economy and banks were nationalized , the arable land by force is organized in cooperatives. In the management of the country consistently rotate Georgi Dimitrov, Vasil Kolarov, Valko Tchervenkov , Anton Yugov and Todor Zhivkov.
November 10, 1989 marked the beginning of democratic changes in Bulgaria. Adopted a new constitution - 1991 , political parties were restored , property , revoked in 1947, recovering, started privatization and return to earth.
From 1 January 2007 Bulgaria is a member of the European Union.


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