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Thank you for your interest to Sunlight Travel! For your convenience we offer brief information about the working conditions and we kindly ask you  to read.

 Sunlight Travel has two offices in Sofia:

Head office            

1407 Sofia                                     
10 Kishinev Str.                       
Tel/: 070011758                        
Mobile  +359 878 752 175                         
Mobile  +359 882 429 279
Conference events:                             
Tourist services in                  
Tourist services abroad:    


2.Working time
Our team works for you:

Monday - Friday 9.00 am to 7.00 pm

Saturday 10.00 am to 4.00 pm / Head office /

3. Important information for reservation
We expect your questions and requests for reservations:
- By e-mail
- By phone calling
- In our offices

4. Reservation and cancellation conditions:

For reservations in Bulgaria: Deadline for reservations: 7 days before the date of accommodation. Deadline for cancellations: 3 days before accommodation

For reservations abroad: Deadline for reservations: under the terms of the specific program. Deadline for cancellations: under the terms of the specific program

5.Our engagements to You:
- To offer the best offer and render assistance in the election.
- To confirm the reservation within the working day.
- To send you a Proforma invoice with payment options.
- To provide the user / client / contract.
- To issue a voucher / document for prepaid travel service / original invoice and other necessary documents relating to specific service and offer options for delivery.

6.Your engagements to us:
- Let us know about approval / disapproval / the proposed offer.
- Read the terms of contract and sign it.
- Select method of payment of pro forma invoice and meet deadlines.
- Let us know about a way of obtaining vouchers and other documents.
- To check the accuracy of all documents before your departure.

7. Methods of payment:
- By bank transfer
- By credit or debit cards / Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Borika /
- Cash in the office
- Deferred payment / contract with corporate clients /
- Combined payments
- By our official courier

 8. Issuing and airticket and accompanying documents.
- By e-mail.
- In our office
- Through our official courier / only for Sofia /
- By Speedy courier service / for Bulgaria /

Thank you for reading our conditions. We are pleased to be helpful and it is honor to be our customer!


The team of Sunlight Travel

1.1 Upon a confirmed reservation of a tourist service the TOURIST shall pay in advance sum of money to the amount of 30% of the value of the ordered service in the TOUR OPERATORs office or by bank transfer.
1.2 The TOURIST shall pay the balance to the full value of the ordered service not later than 7 working days before the date of departure in the TOUR OPERATORs office or by bank transfer.
1.3 All changes, including changes of the date of departure, resort, hotel, transport or name in the reservation shall be deemed as a refusal and a ground for entering into a new agreement.
1.4 Any cancellation of confirmed reservation or its cession to any third party shall be made in writing and if made up to 45 days before the date of the departure the TOURIST shall be refunded with the entire amount deposited; 45-31 days before the date of the departure –penalty 25% of the requested services; 30-8 days before the date of the departure –penalty 50% of the requested services; 7-0 days before the date of the departure –penalty 100% of the requested services. In case of cession of the ordered tourist service to a third party not later than 10 days before the departure only the costs for the cession shall be withheld.
2.1 The TOUR OPERATOR shall provide the TOURIST with the prepaid services under the selected programme.
2.2 The additional services requested by the TOURIST shall be entered in the Reservation Form with the agreement.
2.3 If it is required by the circumstances the TOUR OPERATOR shall retain its right to introduce minor changes in the travel. In exceptional cases it might be necessary more substantial changes to be made as change of resort, change of the category of the accommodation base, change of the travel dates, etc. In such a case the TOURIST shall be notified immediately and he/she may or may not accept the required changes, purchase from the TOUR OPERATOR another travel or may refuse. In case of accommodation in lower category hotel base the difference between the paid service and the actual price shall be refunded to the TOURIST within 7 /seven/ days after the consumption of the tourist service.
2.4 The price of the travel may not be changed except in the cases determined by the Tourism Act. In case of considerable change in the initial price with more than 5% the TOUR OPERATOR shall be obliged to notify immediately the TOURIST.
2.5 By reason which is not due to the TOURIST in the cases provided for in the Tourism Act the TOUR OPERATOR may cancel the travel before its commencement without prejudice to the rights of the parties governed by the Tourism Act.
2.6 The TOUR OPERATOR shall not be responsible and shall not compensate the TOURIST for any travels not implemented in whole or partly by reason of the TOURISTs failure to appear in the place and at the time appointed for the travel.
2.7 All additional services not included in the package price: mini-bar, telephone, sat. TV, room-service, etc. shall be paid by the TOURIST at place in the hotel.
3.1 Any complaints related to the quality of the services paid shall be submitted by the TOURIST immediately at place before a representative of the TOUR OPERATOR or its contractor with a view to the elimination of the weaknesses. In case of impossibility of their elimination the TOURIST shall notify in writing the TOUR OPERATORs representative and shall require the preparation of tripartite protocol between the TOURIST, hotel and a TOUR OPERATORs representative ( contractor ) within 7 /seven/ days after the consumption of the tourist service.
3.2 The TOUR OPERATOR undertakes after a procedure for the complaint examination to provide the TOURIST with a written statement within 30 /thirty/ days after the submission of the complaint. The amounts under the agreement shall be refunded within 7 /seven/ days after the final statement upon the conclusion of the procedure for the complaint examination.
3.3 The TOUR OPERATOR shall compensate the TOURIST in case of [services] not used in whole or in part trough its fault (or of a contractor) after submitting of confirmation document (ticket, voucher, etc.) issued by the TOUR OPERATOR with corrections and services refused respectively entered and certified by an authorised person.
3.4 The TOUR OPERATOR shall not compensate the TOURIST for any services not used in whole or in part trough the TOURISTs fault.
4.1 The TOURIST shall provide valid personal and other documents required by the legislation of the country - destination of the visit.
4.2 In case of individual travels of persons aged under 18 years the parents shall provide the authorities with a notary certified declaration permitting independent travel of the children.
4.3 The TOUR OPERATOR shall not be responsible for the refusal of the border authorities for the passing of TOURISTS and the whole amount shall remain in favour of the TOUR OPERATOR.
4.4 The TOUR OPERATOR shall not be responsible for damages incurred as a result of the non-performance or the inaccurate performance of the agreement which are due to the TOURIST; any third partys actions not connected with the implementation of the agreement; force majeure or any event which could not be foreseen or avoided by the TOUR OPERATOR or its contractors upon the performance of their obligations in good faith. In such cases the TOURIST must ask immediately for the assistance of the TOUR OPERATOR.
4.5 The TOUR OPERATOR shall not pay any administrative fees (additional stay, transport, etc.), arising upon loss or destruction of documents trough the fault of the tourist or any third party.
Any possible disputes arising between the parties hereto shall be settled through negotiations and in case of failure to reach mutual consent the Bulgarian legislation shall apply.


1407 Sofia
Lozenets qtr
10, Kishinev Str.

Tel./fax: 00359 2 862 1699,
00359 2 862 1799
Mobile: 00359 882 429 916

1164 Sofia
Lozenets qtr
25A, Yakubitsa Str.

Tel./fax: 00359 2 868 8812
Mobile: 00359 882 429 279