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Devin is located in the valley of Vacha at altitude of 710 meters height in the Western Rhodopes, 200km away from Sofia, 70 km from Plovdiv and only 31 kilometers away from the ski resort Pamporovo.

Mineral water
The mineral water of Devin is recognized not only in the country but also abroad. Among the many sources it brings forth a temperature of 37 to 42 ° C. Its quality of treatment and prophylaxis are proved. It is suitable against diseases of the cardiovascular system, locomotory system, neurological and skin diseases. When drinking therapy effect is achieved in the gastro-intestinal and kidney complaints. And if you apply for external action, the mineral water helps managed pain in the joints and improve their functioning. In the spa hotels in Devin carried out a series of procedures with the local mineral water.

Devin is a town rich in history. Its name means castle in the Valley. Here lived Thracians but in different periods of settlement is subject to the power of the Romans, Byzantines and Latins.

Close to Devin are located the famous Yagodinska & Haramiiska Caves and Devils Throat cave which are part of the famous Trigradsko Gorge. It is undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions of Devin. For some visitors it even looks scary but amazing with the size and greatness.
Jagodina cave is unique with its stalactites, stalagmites and stalactones called leopard skins which are different colored rock strata. This miracle of nature is included in “ 100 tourist sites of Bulgaria” by the Bulgarian Tourist Union.
Devils Throat is also a unique work of nature. it is formed as a result of the landslide and the name of the cave comes from the shape of the entrance which resembles a devils head.
Trigradsko Gorge was formed as a result of the concave bed of the river deep mountain Trigradska womb, leading to the formation of various karst forms and enormous caves. Devils Throat, Jagodina and Haramijska caves are the result of the tirelessly act of nature.

Other natural attractions are the numerous gorges, rock formations and natural lakes in the landslide area Chairite. In the region can be seen also the architectural-ethnographic reserve Shiroka Laka. If you want to combine spa weekend or vacation with historical and cultural heritage of Devin, visit the historical museum and the church "St. John of Rila”.


Hotels in Devin

SPA Hotel Persenk *****
SPA Hotel Persenk
SPA Hotel Persenk is 5 * luxury SPA experience in Devin - the heart of the Rhodope Mountains.

Spa Hotel Ismena ****
Spa Hotel Ismena
Hotel is located in 186 km from Sofia and 80 km from Plovdiv

Spa Hotel Devin ***
Spa Hotel Devin
The hotel is located in the very centre of the town.


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