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Velingrad – The SPA capital on the Balkan peninsula!

Velingrad is located in the western part of Chepinska Valley, near the border between conditionally accepted the Rhodope Mountains and Rila Mountain.The town is located on the left bank of Chepinska river and on both sides of Elenka river and Lukovitsa river. Is surrounded on all sides by mountains and hills - north and west is a hill Alabak Chernovets peak (1834 m) and the historic Rocks Milevi peak (1593 m).
The greatest wealth of the resort are abundant warm and hot mineral waters. Here is a unique field with great hydromineral aggregate flow 7630 l / s. Mineral waters of Velingrad were known and used by humans since ancient times, evidenced by the finds from Roman archaeological catchment. Excavations near Dorkovo provide evidence that these sites were still occupied by the Thracians in the VII - VI century BC.
Velingrad is a lower-altitude resort with 745 meter low atmospheric pressure - 693 mm Hg. The average temperature in January is 1.89 C, the average temperature in July is 18.79 C. Summers are cool and winters are mild. Autumn is warmer than spring. Rainfall is in June and the weakest in March and September. The average number of rainy days is 82. Snow lasts about 52 days. Absolute humidity is 6,8 mm and the relative - 75%. The duration and intensity of sunshine is great. The air is clean and transparent. No strong winds and winter so it is quiet and pleasant. In the valley Chepino river blows warm southern winds (Foehn wind), known as "white wind". Moreover, local spirit and constant breeze, called bat. This is due to wind, evening and night cooling, so the nights are always cool.

Distance to Sofia 130km
Distance to Plovdiv 82km

Mineral water:

Velingrad mineral water has therapeutic effect due to its mineral and gas composition but also a number of other biologically active substances. These are silicon and hydrocarbon compounds, sulfur and hydrogen sulfide, and the noble gas - radon. Mineral waters stimulate the cardiovascular, nervous system and endocrine system. There is a favorable effects on bone, muscle and joint system apparatus, improves the metabolism and activity of endocrine glands.
Analysis of physico-chemical parameters of three groups of mineral waters shows an increase of temperature, salinity and mineral content of various substances, a decrease of the gas component in the direction Chepino - Ladzhene - Kamenica. Quantitative content of indicators is essential for the healing process. Particularly important is the presence of radon concentration in healing, as is the only mineral water Chepino (over 5 nCi / l). The type of mineral water and gas has a particularly beneficial effect on the body precisely with radon gas. Velingrad water is slight Radon water because there is less content GENERAL - 10 nCi / l. In comparison, the highest Radonova water is in the spring of “Narechen” with the presence of radon 120 nCi / l which is ranked fifth in the world on this indicator after Brambah-Germany (826 nCi / l), Masutomi-Japan (519 nCi / l), Lako-Amenti Italy (154 nCi / l), Gastein, Austria (122 nCi / l).
Velingrad is getting greater prominence as a spa resort of national and international significance. Most of the patients benefited from the mineral waters receive an improvement in one level or another.

Weather in Velingrad


Hotels in Velingrad

Hotel RoyaL SPA 4*
Hotel RoyaL SPA 4*

Balneocomplex Sveti Spas *****
Balneocomplex Sveti Spas
It is the newest five-star Balneocomplex in Bulgaria, fully supplied with mineral water. Located in the suburbs of the  town, in Chepinska valley among evergreen pines.

Hotel Aquatonik *****
Hotel Aquatonik
The newest balneological complex Aquatonik is located nearly on the shore of Kleptuza lake. It is just 120 km away from Sofia and 86 km away from Plovdiv.

Spa Hotel Dvoretsa *****
Spa Hotel Dvoretsa
The hotel is situated in the center of Velingrad, in one of the most beautiful pine tree parts, 3 km away from the one and only Balkan Peninsula carst spring “Kleptuza”.

Grand Hotel Velingrad ****
Grand Hotel Velingrad
The hotel owns a certificate for quality “EUROSPA WELLNESS” issued by the European SPA Association on 2009.

Park Hotel & SPA Maxi ****
Park Hotel & SPA Maxi
Park Hotel and Spa Maxi is a modern 4 - star complex in Velingrad, situated among the pine park on a hill in Ladzhene square, just 130 km from Sofia and 86 km from Plovdiv.

Spa Hotel Rich ****
Spa Hotel Rich
Located in a quiet street, near the center of the resort.

Spa Hotel Velina ****
Spa Hotel Velina
Situated in beautiful pine park next to lake “Kleptuza”.


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