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The health resort town of Hissar is situated in the centre of Souith Bulgaria, in the southern folds of Sredna Gora Mountain, 42 km north of Plovdiv  and 160 km east of capital of Bulgaria Sofia city. Hissar has an ancient past but now it is is a modern, world famous balneotherapy resort (one of the biggest in Bulgaria).

Natural features: There are 22 mineral springs with a total debit of 4000 lmin. and a temperature of 37-52 C. The mineral water is light, clear, colourless, flavourless and tasty. It is slightly mineralized, hypo- and hyper-thermal, with a predominance of hydrocarbonic, sodium, sulphate and fluorine ions, as well as substantial amounts of radio radioactive gas. The radioactive emanation is 10-165 Em, pH - 7,6 - 9,02 and over 20 microelements. Acid content - 200 - 270 mgl. The Augusta hotel is the only hotel with a full medical program in Bulgaria.Town of Hissar is ecologically clear. There are no industrial plants or factories in the region. It is rich in parks and green areas.

Climate: The climate is moderate continental with mild and warm winter. The average annual snowcover is 12 days. Spring comes early, summer is temperately hot with an average month temperature of 22 C. Autumn is warm and longlasting. Cloud coverage is low. The average annual humidity is moderate (70 %). Foggy weather is an exeption. The wettest months are June and November. The maximum air humidity is 65-70 %. Sunny days - 280 per year. 

 Landmarks: The Archaeology Museum with a rich archaeological (mainly) and ethnographic exposition The Hisarya Fortress has the shape of an irregular tetragon with an area of 300 decares. Its 4th century walls still look impressive and are some of the best-preserved fortress defences in Bulgaria. Their total length is 2315 metres, the thickness of walls is about 2,5 to 3 metres and their height is 10 metres. The fortress were strengthened with 43 quadrangle turrets. One could enter the town through 4 gates, the main of which was the southern, called Kamilite (The Camels). The northern side has 2 walls, the outer of which is 10 metres away from the inner one, in front of the southern wall there was a 4-metres deep and 10-to-12-metres wide moat. Inside and outside the fortress different kinds of buildings from the ancient town were found - barracks, ancient Roman baths, a late-Roman building (with a colonnade), churches, necropolises. Out of the 5 late-ancient tombs, found in the area, the so-called Hisarya Tomb, also known as the 3rd tomb, is the biggest and most famous. It is a late-Roman (from the 4th century) family tomb, consisting of an overarched passage, a staircase and a burial chamber. The walls of the chamber and the passage are decorated with colour frescoes, and the chambers floor is covered with a 4-colour-mosaic. Other interesting sites are the banski buildings (baths) at the springs of Havuza, Momina Banya and Indzheza, the Old-Christian Basilicas from the 5th and 6th century, the Church-Tomb from the 10th-12th century, the Holy Virgin Temple in the Momina Banya Quarter, the St. Dimitur Temple in Verigovo Quarter, the St. Pantaleimon Temple.


Hotels in Hissar

Sanna Spa ****
Sanna Spa
Sana Spa Hotel is a year-round luxurious SPA and wellness 4-star hotel located in the picturesque city of Hissar

Spa Club Central ****
Spa Club Central
Located in the center of the town.

Spa Hotel Hissar ****
Spa Hotel Hissar
Located in a beautiful and attractive park in the town of Hissar. Its territory is home to one of the largest balneological centers in the country.

Spa Hotel Sana Space ****
Spa Hotel Sana Space
Sana Space hotel is located in an area of 10 000 sq.m. in one of the most picturesque places in the city of Hissar, 160 km from Sofia.


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